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Sertanejo Universitário

Sertanejo Universitário


Originally coming from Pantanal of Mato Grosso do Sul, having as their precursors and the duo João Bosco Vinicius, who in 1994 began his career playing in bars to university in the capital, Campo Grande.

  Style Sertanejo Universitário
To emerge after the second movement backcountry (the romantic Sertanejo), this style does not count as letters with regional and situations experienced by rubes (like Sertanejo Raiz). Usually the songs deal with subjects of romantic Sertanejo the way young people see (issues such as polygamy and treason).

Sertanejo the University, significantly changed the shape of conventional backcountry, as some instruments like the accordion and became more electronics, making music with a rhythm a little faster. Its composition is as themes for parties, women, sometimes funny, and called backcountry University by the fact that its biggest apreciantes in 2005 are in faaculdade. concetra is still the largest numbers of passionate Sertanejo Universitario. Big names in this genus are Sertanejo Universitario, among them Fernando e Sorocaba, João Bosco, Vinicius, Maria Cecilia & Rodolfo, Menotti e Fabiano, Luan Santana among other successes.